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  • My drawings look weird now :)

    A few weeks ago, my daughter visited me in Nottingham (UK). She lives in the Netherlands and she always comes over for a few weeks during spring break, summer or Christmas. She showed me the possibility to import a drawing as numbers in excel and I was amazed, so yesterday I fooled around and my drawing looks something like this :o The drawings get a colour code now per pixel, and they convert the pixels to numbers to import in excel. I am so proud of what my daughter did for me, as it saves me the most boring work of my part of designing: converting a drawing to excel. Thank you so much Eveline, mom loves you loads and not only cause you are clever. Picture was taken in the time she still played with lego 20 years ago.

  • Drawing the Donkeys :)

    So I am always with patterns in the back of my mind and there are not many donkeys around. I started drawing donkeys after studying them and suddenly I wanted a mother and kid. So I setup my first skets (look at those legs, they are horrid, somehow I always forget a leg when I have to draw more then 2) This is just a composition sketch, but I thought the mom with her head over the little one was cute enough to keep. The donkeys however looked more like mules so I started to put in more lines My blurry lines became animals. But there was something wrong with moms shale. It was turned unnatural and I could not see (especially the legs) which one was which. I needed to clean this up as the pattern would be messy, so I turned mom :) This looks better. As you see this drawing has so many unnecessary lines, I started to clean up. I put my raster for mosaic and interlocking over the drawing and started drawing like a pattern (first setups as you know now are always rough drawings). The mom looks pretty cure already so I continued Still those legs look like trees... but well, I hope I would manage... and I got a little annoyed that I cannot draw legs! So I drew a few sets of legs hoping that they would fit better then the trees I had now (read no dynamics) I moved them around and kept working and adjusting them. At least mom looks reasonable now Mom is done, some shading adjustments will always come but for now I was reasonable happy with her, I started to work on with the foal. The bum was too high, so I went back sketching. This looks better but still those legs worried me I will go back to the drawing board, tweaking them and give it a back and foreground :) maybe hiding the hoofs as I need more pixels to make them look real (sometimes pattern drawing make you creative as you do not have an unlimited amount of pixels, read stitches).

  • Pros and crontas Overlay Mosaic versus Interlocking Filet crochet

    Pro: Overlay Mosaic You work always at the front Easy colour change within a row More solid look (no netting) Easy to pick up the technique  Easy to crochet from a chart (you see what you do) or written pattern Interlocking Filet No cutting of your yarn Loose look, it needs solid stitches to get rid of the netting Definition of the horizontal lines are clean Photo negative back Uses less yarn and does not need a border Contra: Overlay Mosaic You have to cut your yarn (unless you work in the round) Horizontal lines are less defined Striped back (which I kind of like) Uses more yarn Needs a border or sewing in fringe Ridges at the back Can pull to the left (lefthanded pull to the right) Interlocking Filet You work on both sides so you have to turn your work (unless you work in the round) Loose look or the need for solid stitches to avoid netting The penny needs to drop to master the technique You need to crochet from the written pattern, only very advanced interlockers can crochet from a chart

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