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Multiple colours Overlay Mosaic Crochet

I am working on my ZenTangle Dogs and I choose to do them in multiple colours. I have added the colour change in the written pattern so you do not have to guess where the colour change take place.

Here under is how I bring two colours with me in all the B rows (background colours)

As you'll see I leave some yarn at the back of my work to pick up in the next row. The result of how I do this is really great and more easy then I would have thought.

Here under is how I do the A rows (pattern colour is just one to keep the pattern cohesive)

I hope this is helpful and you all give it a try :)

Happy Hooking,


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1 Comment

Me encanta , es un patron precioso 😍

Muchas gracias por compartir tu fabuloso trabajo ☺️

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