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AdO Crochet help

  • What is Overlay Mosaic Crochet?
    Overlay Mosaic Crochet is a technique that requires you to work with single crochets in the back loops and then drop down to pick up the front loop of stitches from lower rows with a double crochet. This creates textured stitches that lay over the stitches from previous rows and can be used to create wonderfully intricate patterns. You work only on the front side so patterns are easy to follow. This however creates fringes. Use an envelop border to hide those. More examples, tutorials, freebees and help you will find in my Facebook group Or try this free tutorial
  • What is Interlocking Filet Crochet?
    Interlocking Filet Crochet is created by working two filet crochet meshes, one of each colour, at the same time. The meshes are worked so that they are weave in and out of each other and this is what forms the pattern. For more help, tutorials, freebees and instructions please join my Facebook group Or try this tutorial for free!
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