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Pros and crontas Overlay Mosaic versus Interlocking Filet crochet


Overlay Mosaic

You work always at the front Easy colour change within a row More solid look (no netting) Easy to pick up the technique  Easy to crochet from a chart (you see what you do) or written pattern

Interlocking Filet No cutting of your yarn Loose look, it needs solid stitches to get rid of the netting Definition of the horizontal lines are clean Photo negative back Uses less yarn and does not need a border



Overlay Mosaic You have to cut your yarn (unless you work in the round) Horizontal lines are less defined Striped back (which I kind of like) Uses more yarn Needs a border or sewing in fringe Ridges at the back Can pull to the left (lefthanded pull to the right)


Interlocking Filet You work on both sides so you have to turn your work (unless you work in the round) Loose look or the need for solid stitches to avoid netting The penny needs to drop to master the technique You need to crochet from the written pattern, only very advanced interlockers can crochet from a chart

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