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Customer Care

If you have any question or remark, please contact me asap via mail

My designs

All my patterns are digital, what you get is a zip file containing PDF's. You have to unzip them, then choose yarn of your liking and crochet the item itself. You do not get any physical item. 

For now all my patterns are in English and use US terms. 

Unless otherwise stated Copying, reproducing or distributing of this work in any fashion (free or not) is illegal.
All rights are reserved to AdO Crochet Designs.

You can use any pattern of mine to crochet and sell your finished handmade items. I would appreciate it greatly when you give me credits for the design or showcase it in with others
Pattern Accuracy: I try to be as accurate as possible but this design is created by hand, human error can (and often will) occur. I can’t be held responsible for any inaccuracies, or for the workmanship of the crocheter/knitter.
If you find any mistakes in my pattern, please contact me at so that I can fix it
It is illegal to copy/reproduce design elements from this work. Variations can happen, but never will be exactly the same.
You are allowed to use my pattern or part of my pattern in combination with another legal bought patterns for your own crocheted project.
You cannot use my pattern to create a pattern of your own. It is reproduction and forbidden under AdO Crochet copyright.

Pattern Updates & Revisions: Patterns may be updated or revised at any time due to errors or layout changes of pages and logos. If you purchased a pattern that you think may have errors, you can email me

Payment Methods

For now only

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