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Moose Family


I had much fun drawing this pattern, I started out with just one male moose grazing in the fields, then I added some dynamics and made it howl to the moon with a female and a junior Moose.

We all long for spring, but I made this wintery scene (it is still winter) for one of my loyal testers Betsy Sickler who has become a good friend and lives in Moose Country Betsy Sickler.


The pattern comes like usual in two techniques:
Overlay mosaic crochet
Interlocking filet crochet
Both techniques come with written pattern and charts for 2 and 3 colours
Links to tutorials
Written patterns for left and right handed crocheters
3 languages: English, Dutch and German
Envelope border for overlay mosaic crochet
So the pattern has a lot of pages, but for the printers under us, please select your parts you want to print carefully before you do.


The yarn needed is specified in the pattern but here is a quick glimpse:


Overlay mosaic crochet: DK 3500m, 3800y of two contrasting colours, hook 4mm, D (border included), size 182 by 145 cm, 73 by 57 inch, 313 stitches by 231 rows.


Interlocking filet crochet: DK 2375m, 2600y of two contrasting colours, hook 4mm, D, Size 162 by 124 cm, 64 by 49 inches, 155 by 115 windows
variations happen due to yarn thickness, tension and hook size

Moose Family, crochet pattern in English, Dutch and German

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