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Monthly RAFFLE AdO Crochet FaceBook group

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Each first Wednesday of the month I will do a raffle!

Post a picture of your work of one of my designs (free or bought) in my Facebook group, under the raffle posts. Then next Wednesday I will choose randomly one person who gets a free pattern of her/his choice


  1. One comment per person

  2. The picture of your work must be one of my designs (free or bought)

  3. Winners are excluded the next month and cannot enter with the same picture

  4. Picture must be a finished object :P

  5. Minimal total 10 entries for the raffle to start. If less it will be restarted a week later or cancelled :(

Let the games begin

To join AdO Crochet Facebook Group click here

You must agree to the group rules to be able to enter

And the winner is......

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