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Watermarks in my patterns

Lately (after a pirate took my work and sold them on her own website) I am very careful with my pictures and patterns and watermark them all, and when I put my logo in the picture I always make sure it goes a little bit over the pattern so it is not very easy to remove.

Piracy exist and if you have a gorgeous picture of your work, it almost gets stolen immediately. This is why I developed my logo.

It has a white and dark outline and a colour that blends in easily. Clever people can still erase it, but it cost trouble and most pirates are lazy (lucky us :) ).

So if you are annoyed by my watermark in my patterns please realise that I do this to protect my work.

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I hope that puts an end to it although sadly, watermarks can be removed if they know what they're doing. I think it's up to us, the purchaser to double check every time before we buy, that the seller is the actual owner. Unfortunately, there will always be an element of people who care more about the cost than protecting your copywrite. Good luck


Anne Crofts
Anne Crofts
Aug 07, 2023

Good for you for watermarking, let's hope it stops the thieves. A friend's mother has had so much of her work stolen and I see it's now being watermarked. Love your work.


Mar 26, 2023

It's such a shame that people can't be honest any more. I love your patterns!

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