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I did a sweater!

Soon I will publish an other design for mosaic in the round, and I'll join a video of how to make a turtle neck in the middle to make it a poncho :)

I was very proud with the result:

Because of this (I had ten balls of yarn left over of each colour. stylecraft special aran) and my son already asking for a sweater, I wondered if I could design one for overlay mosaic crochet. I could implement a simple design but how further. I started from the top down as that seems logic to me:

The principle is almost the same as the poncho, except this is a rectangle for the shoulder part and not a square. I designed a little pattern, and from my turtle neck I started in the round. It was remarkable easy.

Now how to do the front and back part.

I went back to the drawing boards and broke my head on how to make several sizes. I thought one night I had the right idea, it was, but so hard to write it down. The principle is simple: you stop with in the round where your arm fits through the hole and your the chest width is ok. Then you start with the next number in line for the front and back panels (same for the sleeves). I thought that idea was brilliant but not easy for everybody to get or follow on charts (especially when you start with the front back panel and you have to find your sides by hand yourself). So I decided to do a lot of sizes so the sweater comes from s to 6xl :)

As I do love overlay mosaic in the round (no ends to sew in) this sweater will be done fully in the round.

The pattern is now with the testers who are puzzling with it and I will start making video's of how and what this week....

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