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Controlling your cake colours :)

I am a colour controlling freak and I love the Sultan and Twistercakes from Hobbii. The colours are vibrant and the yarn is great to crochet with. The cakes each have 14 colour changes in them so this is how I deconstruct them:

I have a Stanwood wool winder which is great cause after this I feel my shoulder.

I store each colour together numbered from 1 to 14 in plastic bags:

How do I calculate my colour control for a blanket from the center out needing 2500 meters:

When it is from the center out, I only use one colour, then I use 1,5 of the second colour, 2 from the 3rd, 2,5 from the 4th and after that all 3.

Because the end and the beginning of those cakes contain more of that colour then the middle parts (odd I know), I always mark when I start my second colour change and calculate the rounds and stitches. Then I divide my full amount of stitches in the work by my stitches done with one colour and I have an estimate (it is always an estimate) of how many of those deconstructed balls of yarn I need. An other good way to do this is to weigh your yarn but you need a real precise scale for this.

This is how I calculate my yarn for a rectangle row by row project:

I use one of the colours (mostly nr 14 or 1) and depending on the yarn needed, 1500 meter so two cakes. I always use the first and last colour once as they are more then the middle colours and mark when I start my second colour in what row. I then divide the rows in the project by rows done with one colour change and you have again an estimate of the yarn you need.

It is always a little gamble, so ordering a solid colour that fits in the colour sceme of the cakes is a good option. Hobbii has Twister Solid shades match with which Twister colorways.

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