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Unicorn in Curls


For this pattern you need 2720 m (2974 yards) of the dark colour and 2550 m (2788 yards) of an alternate colour if you use hook 3mm!

For overlay mosaic you need 2890 m (3189 yards) of the dark colour and 2890 m (3180 yards) using a 3mm hook.
Please keep in mind changing hook, tension and yarn will make a huge difference in yarn needed so please make a swatch

The pattern comes with picture tutorial for interlocking
Video tutorial for interlocking and chainless setup
Video tutorial for overlay mosiac
links to my youtube are in the files

The pattern contains:
1 file for interlocking filet crochet
1 file for overlay mosaic crochet

Both files come with small charts and written pattern, the overlay mosaic pfd also comes with a large printable X chart

If any questions do not hesitate to contact me and join my Facebook page for lots of free patterns, instructions and expert help

Unicorn in Curls

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