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Ducky Bathmat Throw

Also available on Ravelry


What to crochet? Why not a bath mat in my unique design.
It is decorative and fun (this one is my first of four designs I will make for the bath room)
It is a Rubber Ducky floating in bubbles

The pattern is made for two techniques:


Interlocking filet crochet

Overlay mosaic crochet


Both come with chart, written pattern and larger X chart (printable 8 pages)

The size of this mat will be approximately 80 by 50 cm (32 by 20 inches)
interlocking: 109 by 74 windows
mosaic: 219 by 149 rows

in case of any question contact me, or join my Facebook group for freebees, tutorials and tips:

Ducky Bathmat Throw

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