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Doodle Dolls is based on one of my favourite Art movements: Pop Art.


This design asks for popping and high contrasting colours.


The pattern is symmetric so easy to follow for left- and right-handed crocheters. The pattern comes in Overlay mosaic crochet and Interlocking filet crochet for row to row and in the round. It also comes in 3 languages, so before you print, please first choose your language, then your technique and then if you want to crochet this pattern in the round or traditional row to row (bottom up)

Yarn needed depends heavily on your tension and yarn weight


The pattern needs 2 colours of a high contrast.

Must Have, Yarn and Colours cotton 8/4

Dark pattern colour Black, nr100 1140m, 1250y


Multi colour background:
Round 1 till 18: Peony Leaf, nr 086, 50m. 55y
Round 19 till 36: Pesto, nr 085, 100m, 110y
Round 37 till 54: Pistachio, nr 084, 140m, 155y
Round 55 till 72: Sunflower, nr 014, 180m, 200y
Round 73 till 88: Orange, nr 020, 240m, 265y
Round 89 till 104: Sunset, nr 21, 300m, 330y


Or unicolour background:  1050m, 1150y

104 x 104 windows, 104 rounds, 90 x 90 cm



Caron one pound:

Pattern colour A: 1600m, 1780y
Background colour B: 1600m, 1780y
197 stitches by 197 rows, 104 rounds, 150 x 150 cm, 60 x 60 inches

DoodleDolls, a popart square

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