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New pattern: CURLZ


With pride I present Curlz, an extended project and my first triangle shaped pattern. Curlz comes in Overlay Mosaic and Interlocking Filet crochet. Both techniques come in row to row (rtr) from the center out (co) and in triangle shape (shawl).The overlay mosaic crochet pdf also has a smaller version included for all 3 techniques.In total you get a lot of patterns and techniques to try 😊

Yarn and sizes (might vary extensively due to tension, yarn choice and hook size)



Square:Size 187 by 187 cm, 74 by 74 inches based on hook size 3,5mm (E-4)Dark pattern colour (Bernat Baby Sport Cloudburst) 3600m or 3850y.Light background colour (Bernat Baby Sport) 3500m or 3860y.

Triangle shawl:Size 100 x 100 x 210 cm, 39 x 39 x 82 inches based on hook size 3mmDark pattern colour (Sandas Bobbelchen Baumwolle/Acryl 50/50 black) 1300m, 1430yBackground colour (Sandas Bobbelchen Baumwolle/Acryl 50/50 black) 1500m, 1650y166 rounds, 332 stitches by 332 rows


Square:Based on hook 2.5mmSize 140 by 140 cm, 55 by 55 inches

Dark pattern colour A (Cotton Kings Cone Nutbrown) 3400m, 3740y

Light background colour B (Cotton Kings Cone Aqua) 3400m or 3740y


Triangle ShawlSize 132 x 132 x 190 cm, 51 x 51 x 75 inchesDark pattern colour A (Twister solid black) 1400m, 1540yLighter background colour B (Sultan de Luxe French Blue controlled gradient) 1600m, 1760y


169 rounds (167 by 167 windows)


My thanks goes to my lovely testers Anne, Miri and Marleen

Printers, please take care what you print, choose your technique and size first before you print the whole files as they are extensive

Curlz, square throw and shawl

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