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Cat, King of Mice

Also available on Ravelry

Cat is based on my Jasper who died a few years ago but spent such a long time as our family member. He still is missed. He was an outdoor cat and loved hunting mice and rats. He was a great family member and died when he reached the age of 23 years. I adopted him on the age of 11 and I was so happy that he thrived in my family. 


A pattern for interlocking filet crochet and overlay mosaic crochet

For the interlocking you might want to use the cotton, a approximately 5000 meters


There are 3 files for interlocking: Abbreviation and instruction (including links to my YouTube file of how to do this technique), the pattern written and in chart and an extra large 8 page chart for reference of your work
it will be 115 by 157 windows and size will vary on tension but would be approximately 95 by 140 cm (38 by 58 inches) depending on tension

For overlay mosaic crochet you might want to use acrylic, of course you could use cotton here too, approximately 7.500 meters


There are 2 files for overlay mosaic, the written pattern (including links to my YouTube file of how to do this technique) and a large X chart for people who prefer to work with charts
It will be 219 by 315 stitches, roughly 112 by 160 cm (44 by 59 inches) depending on tension


The amount of yarn needed depends greatly on your tension, hook and yarn ply and I suggest you make a little trial of the technique you prefer (there are trail potholders with video tutorial of both techniques in my Facebook group)

Feel free to join my group for questions, suggestions or just to browse the free patterns

Cat, King of Mice throw

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