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Dog Paws scarf

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Crocheted with fingering weight cotton 8/4 ply it will be 93 by 23 cm (38 by 28 inches)

Each pattern need two contrasting colours


As you are used of me this pattern comes in two techniques:
Interlocking Filet crochet
2 files:
Dog Paws Scarf Interlocking.pdf
Abbreviations and instructions.pdf
115 by 21 windows rectangle add 62 (31 windows) to add length
Size approximately 93 by 23 cm (38 by 28 inches)
Main colour A light, total 250 meters, 270 yards (any fingering weight yarn)
Alternate colour B, total 200 meters, 210 (fingering weight, 8/4 ply)
Hook 3 mm (USA D-3)


Overlay mosaic crochet
2 files:
Dog Paws Scarf Mosaic.pdf (written pattern and small x chart, handy on tablet or phone)
Dog Paws Mosaic large X chart.pdf (printable X chart, top numbering left handed, bottom numbering right handed)
112 stitches by 41 rows, add 62 on your chain to make it a longer one
Size approximately 112 by 15 cm, 44 by 13 inches without border
Colour A light, total 300 meters, 330 yards
Colour B dark total 350 meters, 390 yards
Hook 3 mm, (USA D-3)


Size and yarn needed will vary on your tension, hook-size and yarn-thickness


If you need advice, have questions, contact me via mail or messenger in Facebook
Also feel free to join my Facebook group where there are a lot of instructions, video tutorial links to my YouTube channel and freebees

Dog Paws Scarf

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